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SSR Presentation

French law requires that GANIL follow particular nuclear and general safety regulations in order to ensure the safety of its workers, visitors, and the population at large from ionizing radiation and to protect the surrounding environment.

The Security, Safety, and Radioprotection group (SSR) is in charge of the day-to-day application of these rules and regulations. They can provide users and visitors with advice and counselling about all aspects of nuclear safety, and are responsible for the dosimetry for the users and the facility. 

The SPR is the Service for the Protection against Radiation. Their goal is to evaluate the risk associated with exposure to radiation and to ensure that this exposure is minimized as much as possible to levels where there are no detrimental health effects.

A safety advisor can be contacted about general safety issues such as the use of hazardous products.

During business hours, an SPR representative can be reached at any time by calling 4713.


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