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Letters of Intent for SPIRAL2

Dear Colleague,

The Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) of SPIRAL 2 in agreement with the Management of the project and Directorate of the GANIL facility is launching a call for Letters of Intent (LoIs) for the SPIRAL 2 facility. It is of the utmost importance that such LoIs are submitted as early as possible so that the technical specifications of SPIRAL2 can be fixed. These LoIs will also cement the future collaborations around SPIRAL 2 and define the ancillary equipment that will be needed to ensure a competitive scientific programme with the SPIRAL 2 facility.

You are invited to submit the Letters of Intent following the instructions, which can be found in the attached text of the Call for LoIs and the template file. Please submit the LoIs in electronic form (preferably as a pdf file) to the Chairman of the SPIRAL 2 Scientific Advisory Committee Muhsin Harakeh with a copy to the Scientific Co-ordinator of SPIRAL 2 Marek Lewitowicz before October 2nd 2006.
Further information on the facility and envisaged physics programme can be found at:

The definition of the reference project by October/November 2006 will be a turning point in the design of the SPIRAL 2 facility. The information obtained from the Letters of Intent will help to define the technical specifications of the reference project.

Sincerely Yours

Muhsin Harakeh
Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Committee of SPIRAL 2

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