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List of LoI for SPIRAL2

November 11th, 2006

1. The DESIR Facility (Decay, Excitation and Storage of Radioactive Ions) - B. Blank

2. Decay properties of neutron-rich nuclei - Yu. Penionzhkevich, F. Ibrahim

3. S3: The Super Separator Spectrometer for LINAG beams - A. Villari, A. Drouart, J. Nolen

4. From actinides to super-heavy elements with SPIRAL2: reaction dynamics and structure - P. Greenlees

5. Fusion reactions: a probe of multidimensional tunnelling - A. Navin, R. Raabe, A. Shrivastava

6. Nucleon correlations probed via multiple particle transfer and their influence on sub-barrier fission - L. Corradi

7. High-resolution gamma-ray spectroscopy at SPIRAL2 (AGATA - EXOGAM2) - J. Gerl, W. Korten, B. Wadsworth

  • Proton drip-line studies and N=Z nuclei - M. Bentley, D. Rudolph, G. de Angelis
  • Neutron-rich nuclei - A. Gadea, G. Duchêne, U. Datta Pramanik
  • Nuclear shapes and high-spin spectroscopy - A. Görgen, N. Redon, J. Simpson
  • Collective modes in the continuum - S. Leoni, E. Khan, D. Pierroutsakou
  • Nuclear electromagnetic moments - G. Georgiev, D. L. Balabanski, A. Görgen
  • Spectroscopy of the heaviest elements - P. Greenlees

8. High-energy gamma-rays as a probe of hot nuclei and reaction mechanisms - A. Maj, J.-A. Scarpaci, D. Jenkins, J.P. Wieleczko et al.

9. Studying the r process nucleosynthesis with direct reactions - O. Sorlin, K. L. Kratz

10. Alpha-capture reactions in inverse kinematics relevant to stellar nucleosynthesis - S. Harissopulos, F. De Oliveira

11. Production of radioactive samples for astrophysical interest by (n,p), (n,3He), (n,4He) reactions - F. Hammache, M. Heil

12. Production targets of light radioisotopes for nuclear astrophysics and basic nuclear science studies - M. Hass, D. Berkovits, T. Y. Hirsh

13. Improving effective forces, mean field based methods, and predictions: dedicated measurements - M. Bender, K. Bennaceur, S. Péru

14. Direct reaction studies of exotic nuclear structure (GASPARD) - D. Beaumel, R. Lemmon, I. Martel

15. Direct and resonant reactions with an active target - M. Chartier, D. Cortina, P. Roussel-Chomaz

16. Unbound states of neutron-rich isotopes via direct reactions - V. Lapoux

17. Neutrons For Science - X. Ledoux, S. Simakov

18. Dynamics & thermodynamics of exotic nuclear systems - F. Gulminelli, G. Poggi, G. Verde

19. Isospin non-conservation in nuclear states and its implication for the physics beyond the standard model - N. Smirnova

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