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The fourth international EURORIB conference “EURORIB’15” will be held from June 7th to 12th 2015 in Hohenroda, Germany.

Our nuclear physics community is eagerly awaiting the construction of the next generation of Radioactive Ion Beam (RIB) facilities in Europe: HIE-ISOLDE@CERN, NUSTAR@FAIR, SPES@LNL, SPIRAL2@GANIL and the future EURISOL. The collaborations built around these facilities are exploring new experimental and theoretical ideas that will advance our understanding of nuclear structure through studies of exotic nuclei. Following in the spirit of the conferences held in Giens in 2008, Lamoura in 2010 and Abano Terme in 2012, EURORIB’15 will provide the opportunity for the different collaborations to come together and present these ideas, and explore the synergies between the research programmes based around the different accelerator projects.


Further information: EURORIB'15 web site


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