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Low-energy (DESIR) ISOL RIB beams available for the Day 1 SPIRAL2 Phase 2 experiments

For each of reaction mechanism, the lists of intensities are presented according to the following column order: isotope; half life; I(1+) - intensity of 1+ beam at low energy (from 10 to 60 keV).

Page Intensities from n-induced fission
50kW d beam, 280g 3.5g/cm3 UCx target
Page Intensities from light particle induced reactions
100 pμA 3He / 4He or n flux normalized to 1mA d impinging on light target
Page Intensities from fusion evaporation
Primary beam intensities are defined using considerations on the maximum deposited power. Missing intensities are requested beams for which no estimate has been made so far.
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