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Post-accelerated (CIME) ISOL RIB beams available for the Day 1 SPIRAL2 Phase 2 experiments

For each of reaction mechanism, the lists of intensities are presented according to the following column order: isotope; half life; Enom -energy of the most populated charge state; I(Enom) - corresponding post-accelerated intensity; Emin -energy of the minimum charge state; I(Emin) - corresponding post-accelerated intensity; Emax - energy of the maximum charge state; I(Emax) - corresponding post-accelerated intensity; N.E. – not evaluated yet. Only I(Enom) > 1000 pps are indicated in the following tables.

Page Intensities from n-induced fission
50kW d beam, 280g 3.5g/cm3 UCx target.
Page Intensities from light particle induced reactions
100 pμA 3He / 4He or n flux normalized to 1mA d impinging on light target
Page Intensities from fusion evaporation
Primary beam intensities are defined using considerations on the maximum deposited power.
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