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A Beam Dump for LINAC

T. Junquera et al.


Installed at the exit of the SPIRAL2 LINAC, in one of the High Energy lines, the beam dump must allow different types of beam tests during the commissioning, routine operation and maintenance phases of the accelerator. One of the most critical aspects of the Beam Dump design is to define the maximum power handled by this device for the different beam particles and energies available at SPIRAL2. This component must fulfil the safety regulation goals of the facility, in terms of shielding, materials activation and handling.
French, Israeli and Spanish laboratories are participating in the beam dump design, within the European SPIRAL2 Preparatory Phase project.
Following the decisions on the Accelerator buildings of SPIRAL2 and the contract for its construction, the final position of the beam dump was decided. A new design was presented, based on copper cylinders cooled by counter-current water pipes, with a preliminary study of the beam dump installation and safety aspects.
In parallel, SOREQ (Israel) has checked experimentally different aspects of a small type beam dump for low energy beams and CIEMAT (Spain) designed a beam dump for the IFMIF/EVEDA project.


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