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GASPARD takes shape

D. Beaumel et al.

Dedicated to the study of direct nuclear reactions induced by SPIRAL2 beams, the GASPARD (GAmma SPectroscopy and PARticle Detection) detector will make it possible to study these reactions under optimal conditions, thanks to its ability to simultaneously detect, with high efficiency, both particles and gamma rays.


The initial concept of GASPARD, based on a set of 3-stage telescopes (thin DSSD + 1.5mm thick Si + LaBr3 crystals) placed under vacuum in a 4π assembly has evolved towards a decoupling of the particle detection stage from the gamma-ray detection. GASPARD presently represents a particle array composed of Silicon layers and its front-end electronics, designed to be fully compatible with state-of-the-art gamma detectors such as PARIS, AGATA and EXOGAM2.



The mechanical design of the silicon array has started with the constraints provided by the compatibility with the above mentioned gamma arrays. In parallel, a new GEANT4 package allowing easy input of detector’s geometry and event generator has been developed by the simulation working group for the silicon array. In a first step, this package is aiming to be a tool for the selection between the proposed mechanical designs.


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