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Neutron converter: tests in Novosibirsk

M. Avilov, K. Gubin,Y. Huguet, R. Leroy, P. Logatchev, V. Plokhoi, L. Tecchio


In order to produced intense radioactive beams in SPIRAL2, the neutron converter has to produced an intense flux of fast neutrons, enable to induce up to 1014 fissions per second in the Uranium Carbide target located upstream the converter. The primary beam is constituted by deuterons of energy 40 MeV and current up to 5 mA.
In this aim, the neutron converter is conceived as a high speed rotating target, which limits the peak surface temperature of converter materials well below 2000°C. Nuclear graphite made of natural carbon is a very suitable material as neutron converter. A team from Italy, France and Russia has determined the design of the rotating wheel and started tests of the Liquid Lead cooling system in Novosibirsk (Russia), within the framework of the SPIRAL2 Preparatory Phase project.
The test facility represents a complex experimental installation aimed at testing the Liquid Metal driven target main systems and converter prototypes assemblies under the 60
kW electron beam. The facility has been manufactured by the Legnaro Laboratories and transferred to the BINP of Novosibirsk where the test experiments will take place. First tests have been performed at the end of December 2009.



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