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How to propose an experiment

GANIL is a user's facility that is available to the national and international scientific community.

Nuclear Physics Proposals:

In order to perform any experiment at GANIL, users must submit a written proposal that will be evaluated based on scientific merit by the GANIL Program Advisory Committee (PAC) that usually meets on an annual basis.

The experimental proposal form must be completed and submitted by the spokesperson(s) before the proposal deadline. 

We are currently accepting proposal for the next meeting of the GANIL PAC will be held in Caen from November 15th to 16th. Proposals are due on Friday June 15th (12:00 CET).  Please see the Call for Proposals for details. Proposal must be sent online using the link below.


Useful links:

For SPIRAL1 beams, please contact P. Delahaye (


If you have any questions during the proposal process, please contact the Ganil Beam Coordinator,



Financial support for experimentalists is possible through ENSAR2 transnational access. Please find here how to apply:




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