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How to propose an experiment

GANIL is a user's facility that is available to the national and international scientific community.

Nuclear Physics Proposals:

In order to perform any experiment at GANIL, users must submit a written proposal that will be evaluated based on scientific merit by the GANIL Program Advisory Committee (PAC) that usually meets on an annual basis.

The experimental proposal form must be completed and submitted by the spokesperson(s) before the proposal deadline.  It is essential that this document is completed with the help of your GANIL scientific coordinator(s) that are responsible for the particular piece of equipment or apparatus that you wish to use.  Your GANIL contact will help you estimate the tuning time required for the experiment, assist you with any concerns or questions related to the technical aspects of realizing your experiment, and can advise you on the most effective and efficient ways to setup and perform your experiment.

The next meeting of the GANIL PAC will be held in Caen from Wednesday to Friday, November 29th to December 1st 2017
Proposals will be accepted until midnight Thursday, September 21th, 2017.


Instructions for submitting a proposal:

  1. Download the "proposal for an experiment" form
  2. Identify and contact your GANIL scientific coordinator(s) as soon as possible.  This contact person must be identified on the first page of the experimental proposal form.
  3. In addition to the proposal form, a full description of the experiment (not exceeding 5 pages) should be written and submitted for evaluation by the PAC.  This document must include the physics motivation, a full description of the experimental setup, the minimum beam intensity required and the number of UT's (1 UT = 8 hours) requested, and will provide an estimate of the expected count rates given the known or expected detection efficiencies.
  4. For rate estimates, expected beam intensities can be obtained using the GANIL interactive chart of the nuclei.
  5. The 2-page proposal form and the 5-page experimental description should be combined into a single .pdf file called Name_PAC_GANIL_month_year.pdf where "Name" is the last name of the spokesperson.  Once completed, you can submit your proposal by email to the beam coordinator(1) before the PAC deadline: coordinateur at



(1) If you are not able to send an electronic version, proposals can be faxed to +33(0)



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