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Scientific Coordinators

GANIL Physicists in charge of equipment available at GANIL


"Resident" apparatus or facilities

Contacts Equipment Room
P. Delahaye SIRA D2
J.C. Thomas LISE D3, D4, D6
A. Chbihi INDRA D5
A. Lemasson VAMOS G1
G. de France NEDA / Neutron Wall G21
A. Chbihi Multi-purpose line G22
G.F. Grinyer
J. Frankland NAUTILUS chamber G41
J.C. Thomas SPIRAL low-energy beam line IBE, LIRAT
X. Ledoux NFS NFS



Detection systems available at GANIL

Contacts Equipment
G. de France Diamant, EXOGAM
O. Sorlin MUST2, MUGAST (temporary)
T. Roger CATS
B. Bastin
Château de Cristal
L.Caceres CAVIAR



AGATA campaign

Contacts Equipment
E. Clement
GANIL Local Campaign Manager



Two beam lines dedicated to irradiation studies and interdisciplinary research

Contacts Equipments Hall
S. GuillousAribe facilityHall D
C. GrygielIrrsud 
F. DurantelInterdisciplinary ResearchD1          
M.H. Moscatello Irradiation line G42


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