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Call for Proposals at GANIL for PAC in November 2017


The next meeting of the GANIL Program Advisory Committee (PAC) will take place from Wednesday to Friday, November 29th to December 1st 2017, at GANIL. The deadline for submission of proposals will be: midnight Thursday, September 21th, 2017.



The proposals need to be communicated to the scientific coordinators (1) of each requested apparatus at least two weeks before the above given submission dead line. The scientific coordinators will provide the necessary information on technical feasibility and availability of the apparatus. Each proposal should include at least an additional contact person from GANIL who will be fully involved in the proposed experiment.
The PAC will evaluate at this meeting, proposals for experiments that are ready to run in the period 2018-2019 at the GANIL cyclotron accelerator facilities. A web-based interactive chart of the nuclides should be used for estimating beam intensities and yields (2).
The next PAC meeting is expected to be held around the middle of 2018.
More information and instructions for submitting proposals can be found on our web site ( and by following the link provided below (3). Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions or experience any difficulties during the submission process.
We thank you in advance for your contributions.
Dieter Ackermann

Beam Coordinator




Bvd Henri Becquerel


14076 Caen France


Tel: 02 31 45 47 42

Additional Information:
(1) List of GANIL scientific coordinators and contact information
(2) Interactive chart of the nuclei: choose your beam and estimate the yield
(3) Instructions and downloadable proposal-form templates



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