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The GANIL Program Advisory Committee (PAC)

The GANIL Program Advisory Committee (PAC)

The PAC meets approximately once per year to consider new proposals for nuclear physics experiments that can be scheduled during the coming year(s).

During this open meeting, the PAC will hear brief oral presentations made by the spokesperson (or their representative) for each of the experimental proposals submitted before the PAC deadline.  Each spokesperson will have 8 minutes to present their proposal and 7 minutes to respond to questions from the PAC members.  Undefended proposals will not be considered for beam time.

After all of the presentations, the PAC will meet in a closed session to rank the experiments and recommend to the Directors those experiments that should be selected to receive beam time. Each spokesperson will be advised of the recommendation of the PAC through e-mail within a few days of the PAC meeting.

GANIL PAC Program 2018

The next PAC meeting will be held at the guest house of GANIL on 15-16 November.

PAC Program November 2018.pdf — PDF document, 309Kb

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